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LVP is shorthand for Luxury Vinyl Plank. The term LVP covers all vinyl flooring designed in planks, giving the look of wood floors with all the features and benefits of vinyl – a much more durable material. This type of floor is snapped and/or clicked together and floated directly on your sub-floor both above and below grade. You may occasionally hear people use the term “LVT,” which stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile. LVT encompasses all vinyl flooring products designed to mimic tile or stone.



The excellent scratch resistance you’ll find in LVP flooring comes from a protective wear layer that also protects against stains, scuffs, dents, and other forms of daily wear. It’s the perfect option for busy rooms, especially with pets and children in the home.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring has a waterproof core that keeps liquid from penetrating it’s surface and a wear layer that acts as a protective coating as well. There are two distincts type of LVPs both water resistant and waterproof; both prove to stand up to a high concentration of moisture without the risk of warping, staining or other damage. For this reason LVP is great for bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, foyers and entrances specifically.


Between it’s UV wear layer and rigid core construction LVP is extremely resilient and has a number of Residential and Commercial warranties. There are a variety of thicknesses, wear layers and attached underlayments you can choose from but the typical manufacturer warranty is between 20-30 years! That’s worry free maintenance and beauty for the life of your home or apartment.


LVP flooring is perfect for anyone who would rather enjoy their flooring than work hard to maintain it. Once installed it’s worry free. You’ll never need to wax, polish, buff or seal it and most spills and daily/weekly cleanings to remove dust, hair and other debris are easily taken care of by using a damp mop or Swiffer. It requires no special products other than your normal everyday flooring cleaner.


LVP carries the added benefits of comfort and sound dampening. With it’s layered construction and attached underlayment; LVP absorbs the impact of your footsteps while also dampening the sound of your foot fall and general noise. The variety of materials that LVP are constructed with generate a warmer, softer feel than traditional waterproof material like tile; which is cold, hard and can sometimes crack and/or require extensive maintenance.


Being frustrated over pet accidents is a thing of the past when it comes to LVP. A simple clean up and disinfectant application will never harm your floors and allow your pet a slip-up here and there without them ending up in the doghouse or up a tree. With LVP installed there won’t be any permanent damage to your floors that pet waste can sometimes cause carpet, wood, and laminate.

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